Burglaries up 14%?

Burglaries up 14%?

Is your house safe?

The latest British Crime Survey statistics for 2010-2011 suggest that burglaries in England and Wales have risen from 651,00 to 745,00 an increase of  14% on the previous year. Another way of looking at this is that a burglary is taking place every 42 seconds. Of course these figures are not in line with police figures which show a downward trend but the police figures are based on reported crimes and are all crimes reported? Whichever set of figures are the more accurate. the undeniable fact remains that burglary continues to be one the most emotionally disturbing crimes that are perpetrated against us as individuals. Our personal spaces are violated and often possessions that have a higher sentimental  than monetary value are lost forever. It isn’t just jewellery that falls into this category, but simple things like irreplacable photographs or our personal and business data stored on mobile devices that form the collateral damage in this crime.


Is your house safe?

Why wait until it is too late, when prevention is much better than the pain, inconvenience and cost of a burglary? It is also statistically proven that a professionally installed and maintained alarm systems do deter burglars, because in general they are looking for the path of least resistance when they choose their targets. Our systems are all wireless so that there is no need to cause major havoc in the home to have one installed. They are also pet friendly so your alarm system can be on when the pets are at home. They are as simple to use as your car remote control, press one button to arm and another to disarm. And they come with our award winning customer service which is re-assuring to know that we are only a call away should you need our help.  https://guardhome.co.uk/contact-us

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