Ask Eric

Ask Eric

Eric is asked numerous questions when visiting potential clients to carry out site surveys, so has decided to create a series of brief What-Is-Should-How (WISH) blogs to help address these.

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Is IP CCTV better than Analogue?

This is a question that is often posed when we discuss CCTV options with our clients. As with any question of this type there isn’t a simple yes/no answer, we have to consider a number of critical factors. The first consideration is are you looking to upgrade an existing CCTV system and what te[...]Read More

Can we deliver CCTV images to mobile phones and tablets?

The simple answer is yes of course we can and have been providing this service for many years. However, there is a caveat that comes with the answer. Gimmicky, bragging rights remote access should not be seen as a measure of the performance of a CCTV surveillance system and pursuing this aspect to t[...]Read More

How effective is an Intruder Alarm?

I can’t speak on behalf of other alarm companies, as I don’t know their statistics, but what I can tell you is that with over 500 clients accumulated over 11years, not one of our clients has suffered a loss due to a burglary. These are pretty impressive figures, but how do we achieve this? [...]Read More

DIY Alarms – What are the pitfalls?

Every single DIY and of course online store will supply you with an alarm. It is usually wireless and proclaims it can be installed by anyone in a weekend! I am sure these claims are true, otherwise they would be guilty under consumer protection law of misleading the public, but what it is they d[...]Read More

Our Excellent Services

Protect your home

Most homes are poorly protected against burglaries. If you strengthen your security and make it obvious your will greatly reduce your chances of being burgled. Physical security is essential but alarms and CCTV are powerful deterrents. When we carry out a survey we consider all aspects o ...

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Protect your business

Unprotected business premises are often high risk targets.  Alarms  and CCTV reduce the risks significantly. Fire is another risk. Fire detection and alarm systems can save lives and property. When we carry out a survey we consider all aspects of your security and are able to advise on how best to improve...

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Ongoing Care

Our well-designed and installed systems are trouble free almost all the time – helped by regular maintenance. Don't let unregulated installers into your home or business - there is nothing to say they aren't criminals. Under our maintenance agreement you have 24/7 365 access ...

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