Why we don’t offer CCTV fixed price kits

Why we don’t offer CCTV fixed price kits

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When you look at the set menu in a restaurant and are tempted by the price, then you look at the dishes closely and think “I really like some of the dishes but not all them.”

After a few moments, you decide that it is worth paying a bit more rather than compromise and so you turn the page and order from the “a la carte” section.

With CCTV it is very similar, a kit solution may be a cheaper option, but rarely provides the right components that can satisfy all conditions. However, this isn’t just a question of personal taste, every single CCTV requirement requires it’s own unique solution.

We use our knowledge and expertise to select every single camera, and every component so that it closely matches your requirements and works together as a system. This bespoke approach means that we will always deliver a CCTV surveillance solution that accurately matches your expectations and all of the conditions under which the system has to operate. Oh, and while I am on the subject of menus, we don’t supply “take aways” either!

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