Car theft and prevention

Car theft and prevention

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Just a few years ago most car locks were very poor and it was easy for thieves to gain access and drive them away or steal the contents.

All that changed with the rise in vehicle crime and now almost all new cars have locking systems that are very secure and it is  difficult to steal a car without its key.

One consequence of that is that car thieves have started to break into homes to steal car keys in order to steal the cars parked on the drive.   The more expensive the car the more likely this is to happen.   Some cars and their contents  are never seen again!

Many homes have poor security with locks that can be picked by an experience thief literally in seconds.

So, if you have a car parked on your drive do make sure your home security is up to standard.  Fit good locks, follow sensible security procedures like not leaving windows open when you are our and don’t leave car keys on view or easy to find.

Better still fit an alarm or even CCTV.    The cost of the loss and inconvenience cause by a theft is likely to be much greater than the cost of an alarm.

However, it’s the stress and distress that’s far worse.

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