What kind of service do you want?

What kind of service do you want?

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The broadband in my St Albans home office is about to be upgraded by my internet service provider. Like many suppliers they have to use a well know British telecommunications company for the installation of a new line. The “appointment” came through yesterday and stated that they would come on a specified day (that might change) any time between 8am and 6pm.

I’m expected to hang around all day waiting for them in the hope that they might show up.

The fact that they can’t or won’t offer me a more precise time tells me that (a) they don’t care about customer service (b) they are incompetent and (c) they are happy to make things easier for themselves at my expense.

Every few months I get an offer from them in the post asking me to switch to them. Next time I get one it will go straight in the bin. Their actions speak louder than their words.

At GuardHome we always make timed appointments for our clients and do everything we can to keep them. Sometimes I wonder if people see the value in it. Yesterday told me it’s worth taking the trouble.

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