We don’t do heart surgery!

We don’t do heart surgery!

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This might seem a bit obvious, but perhaps it is something I should consider turning my hand to?

Why you might ask?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that people are buying security from everyone else other than professional alarm companies. You only have to take a glance at the upper levels of properties to see the evidence. I see more and more blank (unbranded) bell boxes, probably installed by electricians and a variety of other tradespeople. Or you could opt for the DIY products that have grown in popularity for the enthusiastic handyman.  Then there is the pseudo professional range of DIY products installed by a nationwide army of so called trained fitters.

Whichever of these you choose, they have one thing in common, they are cheap! Sadly this is also likely to mean that if they work at all, they won’t work properly, or they will fail soon after they have been installed. Or worse they keep going off annoying you and your neighbours! Then what happens, are the tradesmen who installed your system interested in taking your call? Do they offer you a 24hour emergency contact number? Do they carry out essential maintenance and check your system every year and many other services? Probably not, but it was cheap!

To emphasise this point, I have just taken a call from one of my client’s on Bank Holiday Friday, who thought she had a problem with her alarm. In fact it had nothing to do with the alarm we installed, it was their door entry system that was bleeping. But expert advice is what we provide.

This is a by product of a free market economy without regulation and control. A burglar could quite legally set up and operate an alarm business, but he wouldn’t be able to gain the same professional accreditations that we have. These are the safeguards that you will only get from properly accredited professional companies such as ours with the guarantees of long term support.

Anyone interested in a cheap heart bypass operation?


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