Don’t Lose More Than an Hour!

Don’t Lose More Than an Hour!

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This morning you have lost an hour as the clocks “spring” forward, but just imagine if you had lost more?

Burglary is bad enough, but Fire and CO poisoning remain a real threat to life and there really is no excuse. We can add protection to both of these deadly threats to your GuardHome alarm and help protect the life of you, those dear to you and all of your properties and contents for a relatively modest investment. You don’t even have to think about battery replacement as we take care of that for you as well. As it is part of your GuardHome system your family and property is protected even when you are not there.

There really is no excuse to let anyone die, contact us today and become GuardHomeSafe!

Carbon Monoxide Detector
CO and Fire Kills – Be GuardHomeSafe

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