How To Save On Your Electricity Bill!

How To Save On Your Electricity Bill!

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An interesting article on why it is important that people select professionally certified security companies for alarms, CCTV etc.

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Of course if you are only interested in getting it for the lowest price, my advice is don’t bother to have anything, because I can almost guarantee it won’t work properly and so you might as well save your electricity bill.

We were recently asked to take a look at a CCTV system put in by an electrician. To be honest the system could never have worked properly, as all of the settings were left at their default, including the PASSWORD? This was installed in a commercial presses so there was no regard for compliance with the Data Protection Act, which also means the owner could be prosecuted!

So if you have cheap amateur security installed, do yourself a favour go and turn it off now and save on your electricity bill!

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