Fire Detection Systems

Fire Detection Systems

I read an interesting statistic published by the London Fire Service this week. They state that there are over 300 fires a year which are caused by white goods. That is a fire for almost every day of the week and this will only be the ones that they are aware of. How many more there are that don’t result in a Fire Service call out is anyone’s guess!

A Major Cause Of Fires

I have been told by one of my clients that she had a washing machine fault that didn’t result in a fire, but caused a massive amount of black acrid smoke. Had she been home, there would have been a risk of suffocation, but she was out and so it only stained and tainted every single item in her house.

Fire remains a major cause of needless loss of life and damage to homes. We are fervent believers in high quality fire detection systems and encourage all of our clients to add our smoke detectors to their alarm systems. Because they are wirelessly linked to the alarm, they will certainly wake you up if you are asleep in your home, as all of the sirens will activate. But what if you are away? Well again the system will notify you that there is problem, wherever you may be, so at least you can take action to avert a total disaster. Finally, you never need to remember to change the batteries, as we take care of that for you as well.

Proper fire detection is vital and a small price to pay compared to the true cost of failing to do so.

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