Invest In A GuardHome ISA – It Could Be Your Best Investment Ever

Invest In A GuardHome ISA – It Could Be Your Best Investment Ever

As we approach the end of another tax year, there is usually a flurry of activity to get cash squirrelled away into the variety of ISA’s available in the financial market. These could earn you a whopping 1.5% on your hard earned cash! But have you ever thought about the value of what you own and how it might affect you if you lost some or all of it? The average burglary costs in the order of £5000. In addition to the value of the stolen items, there is the hassle of completing the insurance claims, and dealing with the loss adjuster? Then there is the time taken from work to put things right and buy replacements. Finally what about the stress and trauma of having someone in your property, going through your personal possessions.

The mess left by burglars
Don’t come home to this!

Then there are is the unforgiving  ravages of Fire, that destroys everything in its path, including life! Every day we see images of homes destroyed and lives lost due to fire.

What about an alternative investment for a change? A GuardHome ISA (Incredibly Secure Alarm). This investment protects what you already own with a very high degree of security, we call this #GuardHomeSafe. This ISA is only available from GuardHome.

In over a decade, no GuardHome client has ever suffered a loss and we know of at least 5 attempted burglaries that were foiled due to the effectiveness of GuardHome security. How do we know this? We maintain close contact with all of our clients visiting them all at least once a year and we talk to them about their security and safety concerns.  Furthermore, we can help protect you, your family, home or business against additional risks such as fire, CO poisoning, gas escape and even flooding.

For a relatively modest investment, we can protect £m’s worth of your assets, and more importantly safeguard your family. What other ISA can give you this?

There is no 5th April deadline for a GuardHome ISA, but the sooner you invest the quicker you become #GuardHomeSafe.

Breaking news for the many small business owners out there. We now offer #GuardHomeVanSafe as an optional addition to you GuardHome alarm. This technology has been proven to thwart the van thieves who can easily access your van and its contents. How do I know? They were stupid enough to try it on a couple of our vans! They left empty handed and I also provided good quality images to the Police.

The Face Of A Van Thief

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