Summer time is – break in time

Summer time is – break in time

It was a lovely summer day so the windows were opened.
Then the home owner needed to go out urgently – for just a few minutes.
The windows were left open.

When the homeowner returned half an hour later they found their house had been ransacked by someone looking for things to steal.
They didn’t find that much, although they took the complete collection of CDs and DVDs, so they got even more nasty and smashed lost of things and ripped up a number of precious irreplaceable photographs.

Don’t let this happen to you.
Always check all doors and windows before you go out.
Small burglars can squeeze through small windows so close them too.

Better still, and we would say this wouldn’t we but it is true, have a burglar alarm installed professionally because it is a massive deterrent.

PS. And it wasn’t really a “break in” because the burglars just climbed in.

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