Vagrants Keep Out

Vagrants Keep Out

I love a security challenge that is a bit unusual and exercises my technical ability.

We have a CCTV client in central London who is having problems with vagrants and other ne’er do wells occupying their open basement areas for their nefarious activities at night. (This has only become apparent since we installed their shiny new high definition CCTV system!) The gates cannot be locked as this is safety exit for occupants of the basement areas.

So last Friday they invited me to come up with an electronic Detection, Notification and Detterent solution, that is weatherproof, robust and reliable, which I have. We have been testing it during the week and Darren installed it today.

Darren Installing The System

We have to be particularly careful when using detectors outside due to the dangers of excessive false alarms. Simple motion detectors (like those on external lights) are just not good enough.   Our sophisticated detectors use multiple detection heads to virtually eliminate false triggers but to react to genuine intruders.

When Darren demonstrated the system to their security staff they were blown away with the way it works and the notification that they get, direct to their mobile phone, which ncludes a photograph of the intruder!

I don’t think they will be troubled again!

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