Modern Innovations in CCTV Technology – Motion Detection

Modern Innovations in CCTV Technology – Motion Detection


The red grid in the picture defines the surface area for motion detection. If someone were to move within the surface area, we can program the system to send you an alert. In this instance, the red grid is covering the entire picture, however, we can easily adjust it to protect the area of importance. There is also a sensitivity option. This can be useful to stop the camera detecting non-threatening movement such as leaves blowing across the driveway, or wildlife (depending if you think of it as threatening or not!)

We can also program the cameras to record only when motion is detected rather than 24/7. Depending on your set-up, this is a good option as it allows a large amount of hard drive space to be saved. The advantage of this is being able to find specific events in the playback of the recording rather than having to search for them through hours of footage.

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