The surprising and unintended benefits of GuardHome equipment

The surprising and unintended benefits of GuardHome equipment

Over the Christmas period, a client of ours went away to America on holiday with their family. This particular client, like many of our newer clients added the optional extra of a ‘GuardHome Powerlink module’ to their alarm system.

Referring back to a recent blog, the Powerlink module enables you (and us) to connect to the panel over the internet. This allows the client and ourselves to see if there is an alarm or any kind of trouble inside the property.


We spotted that this particular client’s Powerlink had gone offline. This could be down to two reasons. Either the wifi was down or the power in the house had gone. In this case, it was the power.

The client in question unfortunately didn’t respond in time to our notification. Because the power was out, all the food in the fridge defrosted by the time the client had returned.┬áHad the client been able to respond… GuardHome may have saved him some hassle!

A few days later a client who also suffered a power cut and was also away sent a relative round to the property after they were notified by GuardHome that the Powerlink had gone down. In this case, because of the hasty response of both GuardHome and the client… no food was lost!

This just goes to show that the Powerlink module we can install on a GuardHome system has some other surprising benefits and is more than just a clever gadget.

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