Wireless CCTV – why not?

Wireless CCTV – why not?

Is it time to think about a wireless CCTV system? Probably not, and here’s why…

Whilst there are some small benefits such as the ease and speed of installation, there are plenty of downsides that are more important to think about.

A CCTV system with wireless components will usually be more expensive than the labor costs of running a few cables.

Picture Quality
Generally wireless CCTV cameras are of a lower quality. The reason for a lower resolution image is so the video footage can be transmitted a higher frame rate per second. Unless you’re willing to spend a huge amount of money, it’s a one or the other type situation.

Wireless CCTV relies on radio signals and can be exposed to hacking or ‘spoofed’.┬áTo put it simply, unlike our state of the art intruder alarms; it would be difficult (and expensive) to find a wireless CCTV system that is capable of impenetrable security measures. We will explain why this is different for intruder alarms in the next blog.

Wireless CCTV, undeniably, is more unreliable than wired. Aside from interference, it is riskier and more likely to lose signal now and again. To be confident in your CCTV you would want a system that is guaranteed to work 24/7 all year round.

Wireless, in this case is not truly wireless. CCTV cameras will not long last at all off battery power. Realistically, there would need to be some form of power supply which arguably negates the point of wireless. You might as well add a data cable!

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