Why is a wireless system so superior?

Why is a wireless system so superior?

To follow on from the previous blog… here are some potential advantages of a wireless system.

Speed of installation
With a wireless system we don’t have to run cable from every sensor or device to the main panel. The installation process for a wired system may take several days. With our systems; we are very rarely at our client’s property for more than 3-4 hours. This is including time spent with them explaining how to use the alarm!

Wired systems most often involve tearing up carpets, lifting floorboards and drilling holes in nearly every room in the house for the cable runs. This creates an awful lot of mess… who would want their house being torn apart for days? Apparently some people still do…

Whilst some of the more messy wireless alarm installers may leave the odd trace of cable around; here at GuardHome we pride ourselves on leaving the client’s property spotlessly clean.

Reduced labour cost (often)
‘Do the math’: The longer an engineer (or engineers) will spend on an installation, the more hours you have to pay them for. At the end of the day we cannot generalise regarding the overall cost of a wired or wireless system. However, with a wireless system you are more likely to be paying for product and service quality rather than splashing out for labour cost.

Additional perks
Wireless systems  are more at home in today’s world and have tech-savvy features. For instance, here at GuardHome we provide a service whereby you can connect to an App on your smart device which will enable you to arm or disarm your system from home.

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