The Awful Truths of Unsecured CCTV Systems

The Awful Truths of Unsecured CCTV Systems

Many of the smart devices we use at home are exposed to some serious privacy intrusions. Some come with their own default username and password and we are often advised to change them to something more secure.

Some, however, do not offer this option to change and these are the most exposed. This is a concern particularly with security cameras that can be accessed remotely via the internet. People will buy DIY cameras that come with instructions on how they can access them remotely if they make certain changes on their router. This opens up a huge hole in their network security.

Online tools can scan the web for vulnerable devices. These devices are hacked, watched, and streamed. Some websites stream these live images from countries all over the world. Many of the streams are inside people’s homes. Sickeningly, in some cases they are focused on baby monitor cameras. There are thousands of people who have no idea that they, and their children are being watched all over the world.

All this is incredibly disturbing and can all be avoided by using a more secure password. We would generally recommend avoiding DIY or ‘cheap and cheerful’ solutions for your family’s safety. Investing in these systems could leave you completely exposed to the harsh realities of privacy intrusion.

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