Power cuts: What happens to my alarm?

Power cuts: What happens to my alarm?

It will always happen at some point. Some neighbourhoods experience power outages more often than others of course. This is a question that is not often asked until it actually happens. Nevertheless, we thought we would answer it anyway.

In the event of a power cut there is no need to worry. Every GuardHome alarm panel has a backup battery. These batteries should last for 12 hours. Having said that, there have been instances of the batteries lasting far, far longer.

If a GuardHome client has some kind of power failure when they are on holiday and they have the optional broadband module installed in their panel; we will be able to detect the failure on our server and inform the client.

This has happened before over Christmas when a client was on holiday. In one instance we were able to contact a family member so that we could switch the alarm back on as well as their freezer, saving them a lot of money!

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