Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Fire is a killer

It can sweep through a home or business killing people within seconds with toxic fumes and destroying everything within minutes.

Even a relatively short delay between a fire starting and its detection can be enough to cost lives.

Many homeowners never wake up when a fire  starts because the fumes kill them while they are asleep.

Employees can become trapped in building because they find out about a fire too late.

Fire protection at home

In a private residential home it pays to have smoke detectors fitted and by having them as part of the main alarm system you can be alerted by your phone even when you are out. Time is of the essence with fires.

Fire protection in the workplace

In the workplace there are strict laws governing how fire risks should be assessed and severe consequences if someone dies as a result of inadequate precautions – including not having alarms designed, installed,  commissioned and maintained by approved suppliers (complying with BS5839).

The workplace includes cases where you have paying guests – eg if you run a bed and breakfast, guest house or let self-catering property.

If you have more than 5 employees or a place where people sleep (e.g hotel or B&B) or congregate (e.g shops and churches) you need to carry out a proper fire risk assessment – or have one done on your behalf by someone competent.  Insurance companies often insist on alarms being fitted but ultimately the owner is held accountable if they have been negligent and failed to take adequate precautions to prevent loss of life or property.

Why you should consider using GuardHome to design, install commission and maintain your Fire Alarm.

  • Our staff have vast experience of fire and security systems.
  • Our staff are fully qualified  under BS5839 to design, install,  commission and maintain fire alarms
  • Wireless technology greatly reduces the cost and disruption of an installation

The advantages of wireless fire alarms

  • The installation of a wired system is massively disruptive because of the strict rules on cabling.   Special red fire-resistant cables are used.
  • The red cables are unsightly.  If trunking is used to conceal the red cables it must be fire resistant which significantly adds to the cost
  • By definition wireless means no wires (apart form the mains supply to the control panel).
  • Wireless offers flexibility and speed of installation, especially useful where an old system needs replacing or in a listed building.

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