Outbuildings are easy to protect using wireless sensors

If you have a shed, garage, summer house or garden office that is detached from your house that you’d like to protect then you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s easy with our wireless alarm systems.

Outbuildings are increasingly being targeted by burglars as the security is usually minimal and yet they often contain expensive items, such as bicycles, lawnmowers, tools and tack.

How it works

We use the same kind of sensors we use inside your house on your outbuildings. The sensors have very good transmission range which are usually sufficient for most applications, but for exceptionally large sites we can also fit repeaters to cover even longer distances

Popular uses

One of the very popular uses is for garden offices where valuable computers, equipment or documents may be stored. The protection of valuable tools held in outbuildings is also common.

There are also specialist uses e.g for detached tack rooms.

A repeater
Side of Garden office - protected by an alarm
Garden Office

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