Buyers’ Guide

Buyers’ Guide

How to make sure you buy the alarm system thats right for you

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Many people buy burglar alarms in a hurry having suffered a burglary or attempted burglary and therefore end up making a poor purchase decision. Whether or not you are in that position the following quick guide will help you avoid the main traps and pitfalls when purchasing your alarm.

Step one from the Buyers Guide

1. Have a proper survey and demo
Any reputable alarm company must carry out a proper inspection. Look for the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) accreditation – see logo as displayed on our Home Page. If you need the alarm fitted for insurance purposes then only accredited alarm installers (e.g. NSI) are recognised.

Even so, inspections vary so make sure the person doing the inspection takes the trouble to ask you about your circumstances, lifestyle etc so all factors are covered. Be wary of any salesman who recommends a system without properly inspecting the premises or asking many questions. At GuardHome our assessment is based on a method for identifying all customer requirements.

It’s also useful to have a demonstration of the system you are being offered. If the alarm is too troublesome or fiddly to operate you may be tempted not to turn it on if you pop out for 5 minutes – and then come back to a burgled house.  GuardHome’s alarms are operated by key fobs, like the ones used on modern cars so it couldn’t be easier. Modern alarm systems often have other useful features, such as the ability to set up notification by phone if the alarm is triggered. The demonstration should cover any such points.

List of Full contents

Buy Wisely
1. Have a proper survey and demo.
2. Find out exactly what you get and exactly what you pay
3. What to look for in a system
4. Insist on a profession installation
5. Helpful and fair priced maintenance and support

To download the full guide click here


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