After The Riots

After The Riots

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Calm has returned to the cities after an August week of cynical lawlessness,looting and mindless violence around the country.It is now that the true benefit of quality CCTV systems can come into their own
There is no deterrent value to these systems under such extreme circumstances, but the images recorded during the riots are now being scrutinised to bring as many of the perpetrators as possible to justice.  

Not all so called CCTV systems produce images that are suitable for use in the law courts.   Low quality cameras and DVR’s provide grainy pictures or worse still produce no images at all because they are incorrectly set up or not maintained properly.  

At GuardHome we have already provided CCTV systems that have been used to help prosecute criminals. We can design a system around your own specific needs with instant access to images remotely from a pc, smart phone or iPad.   Take a look at our own demonstration system on our website  to see for yourself, then give us a call to discuss your needs.


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