Should My Alarm Go Off When There Is A Power Cut?

Should My Alarm Go Off When There Is A Power Cut?

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No is the only answer to this question. We all hear the chorus of alarms if the power in our area is cut off, even briefly.   ALL professionally installed and maintained alarm systems must have a fully operational battery back up system that should keep the system operational for at least 12 hours and it should be checked by your maintainer each year. This back up system cuts in automatically when the mains voltage is lost, for whatever reason. So if you “blow a fuse” and trip your mains power circuits, your alarm should continue to operate with nothing more that an alert (usually a bleeping from your control panel) to advise you.

Remember you are committing an offence if you own a faulty alarm system that does sound continuously for more than 15 minutes.  Local byelaws in the UK give the local council the authority to have the alarm silenced, at your cost, to prevent noise pollution.

Having a system installed by a certified Alarm Installation company (NSI or SSAIB) will ensure that your alarm system is fully compliant with all of the regulations so you can be safe without annoying the neighbours.


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