How long do the sensor batteries last?

How long do the sensor batteries last?

How long does a sensor battery last

This is a question that is more often asked during the security survey process. It is a sensible question as there are many misleading remarks with regards to battery life in wireless security systems and I am sure that everyone has heard a smoke detector battery chirruping during the night when the batteries are low?

How long does a sensor battery last

The honest answer is, there is no simple answer! Battery life is dependant on many thingsĀ  that can dictate how long they last. So, to make sure that you do not experience a problem, we apply intelligent, environmentally friendly management to your GuardHome sensor and keyfob batteries.

First, the system is self monitoring so, if a battery does start to fail, the system will know about it before you do and it will tell you. This will not stop the system from fully working, so you have time to notify us.

Secondly, we use a sophisticated measuring device, so that we check all of your sensor and keyfob batteries every year and record their capacity. This way we can build up a picture of battery life for your system over its life, and only replace those that are necessary. This is great for the environment as we only dispose of batteries that are near the end of their useful life.

Finally, if a battery does start to fail between our normal scheduled maintenance visits, you will receive an alert from the system to advise you. You call us to arrange a convenient maintenance visit to replace the battery in question. This visit does not cost you anything as we believe that looking after your system batteries is part of our responsibility.

The best news is, you will can sleep soundly knowing that your system is working continuously keeping you and your family safe and you will not be woken up one of our sensors chirruping in the middle of the night.


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