How Important is it to use an Accredited Security Company?

How Important is it to use an Accredited Security Company?

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This question is all about the integrity of your security system installer, the products they use and the long term performance of the installation? You will be letting people into your home or business premises and they will know how to operate and more importantly bypass your security systems.

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If you use an accredited security system installer ie one that has National Security Inspectorate (NSI) accreditation, you will be guaranteed the following:

1.    All staff will be security vetted to BS7858 – This is a far more rigorous and detailed screening process than a simple CRB check. It also involves checking into the employment and personal history and credit rating of all members of staff to ensure that anyone who enters your home or offices do not have a criminal record or intent.

2.    All alarm products will be compliant with EN50131 – This the European Standard that all professional alarms components must be tested to and comply with. These standards have been developed to ensure that the products being installed will operate in a way that ensures that they cannot be easily tricked, tapped into or bypassed in a way that cheap foreign imports or DIY systems can. Each component is individually marked to demonstrate that it complies with the standard.

3.    The installation must also comply with the above standard and any additional standards that are imposed by the NSI, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and local byelaws. This is a further guarantee that the standard of workmanship will be of the highest standard, ensuring that your security system will meet legal requirements and continue to opertate for many years (providing it is also professionally maintained).

4.    Professional security system installers do not use cheap foreign imports or inferior DIY products. Their products proudly bears the company’s name and this is a further guarantee that should there be a problem, they will be there to support the system.

At GuardHome we have gone even further by also gaining Trading Standards approval – We want to give you the confidence that you will never see us appearing on a Rogue Traders programme.


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