What message does a blank bell box give?

What message does a blank bell box give?

Blank Bellbox

I spend most of my time when I am out and about looking up at the eaves of the properties that I pass. No, it is not because I have a neck muscle infliction, it is because that is where most intruder alarm sirens are installed. It is a concern to me that I am seeing so many bell-boxes that do not have a logo printed on them, they are blank.

Blank Bellbox

What does this tell me? The chances are that this installation was carried out by some amateur installer or possibly an electrical contractor, installing alarms on the side. They may not be familiar with the equipment and certainly will not be familiar with the regulations concerning burglar alarms ie by law all burglar alarms must switch the sirens off within 15 minutes, failure to do so may result in prosecution. Maybe this installer does not want to be identified, so when a problem arises they are not worried about the adverse publicity or the problems it might cause the owner, because they are nowhere to be found. Furthermore, how do you know that the installer of this alarm is not a criminal? They now know the layout of your home and how YOUR alarm system works!!

Insurance companies do not recognise alarm systems that are not professionally installed and maintained and certainly the police will not entertain providing a police response for anyone other than those with systems installed by certified alarm companies. Formally accredited alarm companies must also ensure that all members of staff employed by the company and who might have access to sensitive information are security checked to BS7858.

A professional alarm company will always put a logo on their external sirens because it sends out a clear message.
To the public – we are proud and confident in the installation and we are prepared to put our name on it, because in the event of a problem we can be contacted and will remedy the problem.

Flashing Bellbox

To a burglar – this is a professionally installed system and is properly maintained, I suggest you look elsewhere for your ill-gotten gains.

So when you are shopping around for an alarm system and you are tempted to buy a cheap system that doesn’t have a logo on the external box, think about why that box might be blank?

At GuardHome our products are fully branded and we also supply you with branded stickers to put in your windows to further emphasise that you have a professionally installed alarm system.

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