Fire Kills – Do Not Let It Happen To You

Fire Kills – Do Not Let It Happen To You

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The recent appalling disaster that occurred in Harlow, where a Mother and her five children died as a result of a fire in their home shows how easy a fire can devastate a family and destroy a home and it’s contents.

It amazes me how many homes still do not have smoke detectors installed,  or equally bad, have them installed but they do not work. Sometimes they are disabled because they keep going off, or the batteries simply run down and are never replaced. Another little known fact is that smoke detectors do not last forever. The detectors deteriorate over time and the whole devices should be replaced every ten years.

We feel so strongly about fire protection, we have recently been running a campaign where we offer a free wireless smoke detector with every professional alarm system that we install. These devices are wirelessly linked into the alarm system and if they trigger, the entire alarm system sirens are also triggered creating a cacophony of noise that will wake even the heaviest sleeper, also alerting neighbours.  The system will also dial your trusted contacts who are included in your alarm dialling list. Extending those who are notified, beyond the audible range of the sirens, that a serious event has occurred. We also maintain your system for you, so you will never have a dead battery and we will also notify you when your smoke detectors need replacing. All of these factors will Increase your protection far beyond simple DIY smoke detectors.

There should be no excuse not to have at least one good quality smoke detector in every home, because a similar disaster to the recent horrific event that happened in Harlow can happen to any one of us.

As a direct result of the Harlow disaster, we have decided to extend our offer until the end of this year. We provide free no obligation surveys.

Contact us on 0844 669 8655 or look at website for more information.

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