The Data Protection Act 1998 – Does Your CCTV Surveillance System Comply?

The Data Protection Act 1998 – Does Your CCTV Surveillance System Comply?

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In the 1998 the scope of the Data Protection Act was broadened to include the capture, storage and use of personal data about individuals. This requirement extends to video images produced by CCTV surveillance cameras and a code of practice was produced to ensure that  the obligations under the act were properly understood.

In simple terms if you operate a CCTV surveillance system on a commercial or retail site and it records images of members of the public, then you must be registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The fine for failing to register is a maximum of £5,000. The system has to be “fit for purpose” and you must also have suitable signs to notify that you are using CCTV to record images. Who has access to these images, how long you keep them and how you process and handle any copies that might be made must also be controlled by an identified administrator. Even the quality of the images is covered by the guidelines, so regular maintenance is essential to maintain the systems integrity.

Failure to comply with Act could result in any evidence produced by the CCTV surveillance system being challenged for its legitimacy and furthermore  it could result in the significant fines, and for serious breaches prison sentences, for the owner of system.

A CCTV surveillance system installed and maintained by GuardHome Limited will provide all of the data, information and signs that you need to comply. Does your system comply?

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