Monthly Review – January 2014, Are Burglaries Really on the Decrease?

Monthly Review – January 2014, Are Burglaries Really on the Decrease?

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Unseasonably warm, if very wet, weather characterised this month.

At GuardHome we were kept quite busy this month as we had a number of new clients. Unfortunately most of this new business occurred as a result of the misfortune of the new clients, as they fell victim to burglars. One couple even had to cut short their post Christmas break abroad, after being notified by a member of their family what had happened in their home.

This is what they came home to (please note my client has very graciously allowed me to use these pictures to help warn others) a rear door was smashed open to gain entry. I spoke to a neighbour of the family who was incredulous that they hadn’t heard a thing, despite this level of damage to a double glazed door. Every room in the house was also ransacked.

How they can get in

The financial losses were quite significant, but the emotional damage has a long lasting and deep impact. Our aim is to always address the emotional aspects of a burglary as well as the need for electronic protection.

We focus on giving our clients total Peace of Mind, by building a close and trusting relationship and providing re-assurance that our security really does work, as a deterrent and a means of detection and notification. We are always on hand to  help them to rebuild their own confidence and not be held hostage to the prospect of it happening again.

This was one of 3 burglaries that we were called to. In each case we “Fast Tracked” the client, which is a free service that we offer to victims to help them return to a normal way of life as quickly as possible. In one particular case the new client had their GuardHome system installed and fully operational within 18 hours of us being notified.

One of our existing clients moved from their home in Hertford out to Suffolk and wanted us to move their system for them, which of course is a service we offer our clients. In the end they decided that their much larger new home needed a more comprehensive level of protection, so we advised them on our very latest GuardMaster product, which can be further upgraded to incorporate our iMageAlarm technology. The quality of service that they received from their telephone provider was less than impressive, with several false starts in the provision of their telephone line and broadband connection resulting in us re-scheduling their alarm installation for them.

Much of the rest of the month was more routine, with many of our clients annual maintenance visit falling due in the month. We always book a specific timed appointment when we arrange to visit, so that our clients are not frustrated by having to wait in all day. During our visit we check the complete system is functioning correctly and ensure that the client is entirely happy with the use of the system, the level of coverage  and all of the settings. Homes and families evolve over time and it is important that alarm can be changed to provide an optimum level of security.

We love answering questions about our alarm systems, because it is important that the client knows exactly what they are getting and are clear about any aspect of its operation. We provide all of our clients with numerous ways in which to contact and all of these channels are constantly monitored, so a question asked is usually answered with a few hours, even at the weekend. A questions received on Saturday night was answered early Sunday morning!

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