New Fire System Installed in Sentinel House

New Fire System Installed in Sentinel House

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that ALL business premises (and this care homes, guest houses etc. often referred to as HMO’s House in Multi Occupation) conduct a fire risk assessment to protect the occupants and premises against fire. So wether you run a large multi-national business or a small B&B, you are legally obliged to perform and maintain records of such activities. Failure to demonstrate compliance will result in prosecution, severe fines and possibly imprisonment.

Of course once you have carried out the assessment , you then need to act upon it, by installing suitable fire detection, protection and suppression equipment to counter any threat. With traditional hard wired fire alarm systems, this can prove disruptive to your business and expensive as the cables have to be special fire retardant material. GuardHome can install a wireless system that is fully compliant to BS 5839 in less than one day!

Just prove it, we installed a system in our own offices in little under half a day. Of course there is much more work involved than simply installing the system, but much of this is carried out off-line and away from the premises, so there is very little disruption.

Our extensive experience of working with wireless intruder alarms (we have never installed wired systems) puts us in a unique position to help any business comply with regulations and more importantly protects their staff, residents, property and possessions against the dangers of fire!

In 2013-2014, local authority fire and rescue services attended 170,000 fires in England, that is more than 20 per hour and during the same period there were 275 fire fatalities, which is more than one each working day!

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