Seriously Good Security For People Who Take Their Security (And Welfare) Seriously

Seriously Good Security For People Who Take Their Security (And Welfare) Seriously

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Our new tag line (above) that I recently introduced, isn’t simply a play on words. It is intended to make potential clients think seriously about making a choice if they plan to make an investment in security, because that is how security should be looked upon, as an investment.

Your return on this investment is peace of mind, knowing that you home, business premises, possessions, family members and their welfare are being properly protected!

I have a case that illustrates this perfectly. A couple of years ago we were contacted by the son of an elderly widow, who had recently been burgled. She had been burgled previously, but the son decided to buy and install a DIY alarm. Like most DIY alarms, it never worked properly and the burglars treated it with the contempt it deserved and broke in anyway!

Realising that the DIY route was the wrong approach (the return on investment was zero), they contacted us at GuardHome. We carried out a professional survey and quoted to install a system that provided comprehensive protection against further burglaries, but we also suggested adding smoke detectors to help protect this lovely lady against fire.  This was accepted and we duly installed the system, so now the lady was properly protected.

Over the past couple of years, the poor lady’s health has deteriorated a bit and she has become a little forgetful. So her son asked us if we could add a gas detector to the system, as she had a tendency to leave the gas on, without igniting it! Furthermore, she has experienced the occasional loss of consciousness, so could we add a personal panic alarm?

Of course our wireless technology allows us to add a whole variety of protection devices, so we able to add these two detectors to her system. The personal panic alarm is totally waterproof, so can be worn whilst bathing or showering and because the alarm system is connected to her telephone line in the event that any situation arises, her carers and family are immediately notified and can come to her aid.

So, we now have a situation where the Mother can continue to live in her home because she and her family are re-assured that if she is burgled, leaves the gas on, has a fire, or trips and incapacitates herself in her home, that help will be automatically summoned instantly. But the story doesn’t end there!

This weekend I took a call from the son, because the alarm system had notified him the power in the house had tripped out. In this current cold weather a home rapidly gets very cold if there is no power and many elderly people die of hypothermia in their own homes and of course burst pipes is another hazard. Our alarm systems monitor the mains power connection and because it is configured to report this as well, he was able to take action and avert another potential disaster.

What started of being a relatively simple alarm installation has now become a comprehensive care and welfare package, and the return on investment and peace of mind that it creates has been overwhelming beneficial.

So do you take your security seriously? We will!

Eric Chorley

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