Fire Kills – So Why Do So Many People Ignore The Risk?

Fire Kills – So Why Do So Many People Ignore The Risk?

Three years ago, Harlow residents were shocked to hear about how a whole family of a mother and her five children in Barn Mead were totally wiped out as a result of a fire. Various theories abound but here we are 3 years down the line and still there are no answers, as this report explains.

I often wonder if this family had smoke detectors installed in their home?

For me this single event had a profound impact and caused me to act immediately. All members of my family had smoke detectors installed by me and linked to their GuardHome intruder alarms, but I increased the number of these devices installed in their homes, because quite simply you can’t have enough smoke detectors. OK I may get the occasional phone call from my daughters system, because she has burnt the kids dinner, but I can talk to her, through her alarm system, and check that all is well. I would much rather have this then receive a call from the emergency services with much more devastating news!

We get to see the inside of people’s homes all the time, and what is so shocking is the paucity of smoke detectors, or worse still smoke detectors that have been disabled. How little we appear to value our lives, those of our families and our homes. It beggars belief!

As a company, we have resorted to regular special offers for our clients, giving them a free smoke detector, just so we can get some protection in their homes. I do not want to see any GuardHome client’s home burnt out due to lack of adequate protection. They don’t even have to worry about batteries as we take care of that too.

For goodness sake don’t risk a single life or the most valuable possession, your home, for the sake of a few hundred pounds, it really doesn’t make any kind of sense!

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