Are Police Force Reductions Opening Your Doors To Crime – Are You Serious?

Are Police Force Reductions Opening Your Doors To Crime – Are You Serious?

At a business level, burglary is bad news for the police. It is labour intensive and difficult to secure convictions, so when their organisations are already under pressure due to staff shortages, further cuts will only exacerbate the problem.
Sara Thornton, Head of the National Police Chiefs Council stated earlier this year that in some areas a police officer may not be able to attend a burglary.

In these circumstances are you serious about taking measures to reduce the risk of becoming a victim?

Professional security systems will become even more relevant if your local police force is unable to provide any response. Of course as the Hatton Garden burglary demonstrated, criminals will ignore even the most sophisticated security if the reward is great enough. But even then CCTV enabled investigators to identify and track possible perpetrators and eventually led to convictions of a bunch of OAP’s.

For most of us however, if we demonstrate that we take security seriously, this is usually sufficient deterrent to make them look for easier targets.

Of course if your idea of serious security is a DIY alarm or your mate the electrician’s amateur CCTV installation, then you are mistaken.┬áIn our experience most of these are not set up correctly, so if they work at all they are probably only about 20% effective. Cheap security stands out for being exactly what it is, it tells the criminal that I am not serious about my security!

Professional GuardHome Alarm

A professional security system uses products that are certified to meet British Standards and is regularly checked and updated should your home or business premises change. We brand our sirens and CCTV systems, not for vanity, but to give a clear message to would be burglars – go somewhere else!

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We take your security seriously and in these increasingly difficult times for our police forces so should you!



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