Is The Cheapest The Right Choice?

Is The Cheapest The Right Choice?

If you were to ask the general public if they were to ever put themselves or members of their family at risk, I am sure most would say never! But there are plenty of occasions when they do precisely that in the interests of saving a bit of money!

The first example of this is new tyres for the family car. Have you ever stood in a tyre fitters reception and watched as customers come in? The first question that is often asked is “What are the cheapest tyres that you have for a (whatever vehicle it might be)” I distinctly remember an advert many years ago where a tyre manufacturer illustrated that the only thing that keeps your vehicle in contact with the road is a patch of rubber not much bigger than the sole of your foot! How often has that contact with the ground let you down in snow and ice? Ever since then the question that I always ask is, “which is the best tyre for my vehicle!”

When it comes to safety in the home, I have spoken many times before how poorly homes are protected against fire. We see it all the time, cheap DIY smoke detectors fitted in the wrong place, or worse still with no batteries fitted because they kept going off or bleeping in the middle of the night. For me smoke detectors are the equivalent of the tyres on my vehicles, they are the most important safety feature in the home. If they go off every now and again because you burnt the toast, that is good, because it is positioned in the air flow that takes the smoke from the kitchen. You want them to trigger at the first sign of trouble not once the property is full of poisonous acrid smoke!

It only takes one fire to wipe out a whole family. Like buying good quality tyres, isn’t it worth investing in fire protection from people who know what they are talking about with products that reliable and who even take care of battery replacement. ¬†You then can rest assured in the knowledge that your family are #GuardHomeSafe.

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