GuardHome – Dedicated to Your Security and Safety

GuardHome – Dedicated to Your Security and Safety

Darren applying the finishing touches to our latest install, all the way down in the New Forest! That’s right the New Forest in Hampshire, about a 6 hour round trip.

Now it's #GuardHomeSafe
Now it’s #GuardHomeSafe

Why you might ask? Quite simply we were asked to do so by an existing client, so that is reason enough for us!
It is a holiday home, so it is bristling with added features. First there are heat, smoke and CO detectors in all critical locations so no coming home to a not very nice fire or being poisoned in your sleep by carbon monoxide.

Then there is our brand new, state of the art, high security remote access facility. We connect to your router and it uses our secure servers to provide high integrity access to all the basic features of your alarm, and so much more!

Want to disarm the system remotely to let a tradesman in from anywhere in the world, no problem, simply log in and you can turn it off or on in any mode.

Want to see what time your cleaner arrived and left! It is all there with a few taps and swipes!

Need to bypass a zone to let the gardener gain access to the shed and lawnmower and keep the rest of the place secure? Yep you can do that too!

Need to check the status of your individual sensors?


With push notifications the system will keep you fully up to date with whatever is happening and if you take up our iMageAlarm option you even have on-demand access to the images from our PIR CAMS.

For the coolest security without compromise there is only one GuardHome and only one #GuardHomeSafe

Seriously good security for people who take their security seriously!

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