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The Value Of First Class Security

We strongly believe in the deterrent value of the security systems that we install. This is borne out by the statistics that I have compiled over the sixteen plus years that we have been protecting our clients. This amounts to millions of accumulated hours that have kept our clients safe from intruders. Compared against national… Continue reading The Value Of First Class Security

Our New Tag Line – Dedicated To You Security And Safety

With the news full of the forthcoming EU referendum, I thought if would be cool to have a little voting session of our own. For the past couple of years our tag line has been Seriously Good Security For People Who Take Their Security Seriously, a bit of a tongue twister and perhaps it tries… Continue reading Our New Tag Line – Dedicated To You Security And Safety

GuardHome – Dedicated to Your Security and Safety

Darren applying the finishing touches to our latest install, all the way down in the New Forest! That’s right the New Forest in Hampshire, about a 6 hour round trip. Why you might ask? Quite simply we were asked to do so by an existing client, so that is reason enough for us! It is… Continue reading GuardHome – Dedicated to Your Security and Safety

Are The Days Of The Dummy Deterrent Numbered?

I ask this question because unusually I have seen three of my local clients (this includes myself) targetted by thieves, since the start of this year. In each of these cases the thieves left empty handed because the security system that we installed was fully operational. So as soon as the burglars attempted to enter… Continue reading Are The Days Of The Dummy Deterrent Numbered?

Random Acts of Kindness

I am planning to carry out a number Random Acts of Kindness (RAK’s) this year. These will be in various forms and totally arbitrary. To kick off the year, I have decided to increase the number of new £250chairs that I am sponsoring for the Victoria Hall in Old Harlow from 2 to 3. I… Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness

The Two Sides Of Being Human

It is difficult for me to describe my contrasting feelings resulting from two events last night. Firstly there was Children In Need, where once again the citizens of the U.K. and elsewhere no doubt, contributed and raised vast sums of money in response to this annual good causes event. Then we hear about the atrocities… Continue reading The Two Sides Of Being Human

Why Accreditation Is Important

A couple of weeks ago we completed our periodic assessment by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) . Most members of the public have probably never heard of them, but this organisation are the security industry’s equivalent of what is now called “Gas Safe”  formerly “Corgi”  and their role is too ensure that people who purchase… Continue reading Why Accreditation Is Important

Foiling The Van Thieves

In recent months there have been thieves who specialise in stealing power tools from vans parked outside of the owners homes. They drive around at the dead of night selecting vehicles to target. They have a master key that allows them to unlock the van and turn off the van alarms. Even CCTV does not… Continue reading Foiling The Van Thieves

Positioning Cameras

The physical positioning of cameras is a key aspect of good CCTV system design. All to often I see cameras positioned above doors looking straight down? All these are good for is to check for hair loss. Often these are positioned for ease of installation, rather than to achieve a specific objective. If you are… Continue reading Positioning Cameras

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