Our New Tag Line – Dedicated To You Security And Safety

Our New Tag Line – Dedicated To You Security And Safety

With the news full of the forthcoming EU referendum, I thought if would be cool to have a little voting session of our own.

For the past couple of years our tag line has been Seriously Good Security For People Who Take Their Security Seriously, a bit of a tongue twister and perhaps it tries too hard at being clever?

So I came up with a new one a few weeks ago and even used it on one of my blogs recently, but instead of just deciding to use it, I invited my followers on Facebook and Twitter to vote on it.

Unanimously the vote was in favour of the new tag line “Dedicated To Your Security And Safety”

Our New Tag Line
Our New Tag Line

Certainly shorter than its predecessor, the word dedicated exemplifies our attitude to making sure that our security systems are effective and always perform at the optimum. It also brings in the aspect of safety, which has become a major part of our drive to help people feel safe, by adding fire and CO detection as well as numerous other safety devices to help the most vulnerable.

What do you think?

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