Five Risks of Low Value Security Solutions

Five Risks of Low Value Security Solutions

When it comes to you and your family’s safety, security and privacy… why take risks with cheap DIY products or unprofessionally installed systems?¬†Price of course! When it comes to saving the pennies security is not the topic you want to be taking shortcuts with. A cheap security solution can and probably will cost you a lot more than you would save. Here are five risks associated with buying on price.

1. Appearance
We’ll start simple. Whilst many day-time burglars are opportunists; (taking advantage of an open window in summer) many will do their research and ‘case the joint’. Bell Boxes are a good place to start. If your Bell Box is tatty, old, unbranded or branded as a DIY product then this is an invitation to thieves. The deterrent value of a clean branded BellBox is enormous and a considerable ally in defending your home.

2. Vulnerability
DIY cameras often come with the default admin usernames and passwords. It is scary how easily these can be hacked into. There is a well-known website where thousands of cameras who have been hacked into are streamed all over the world. From gyms in Los Angeles to grocery stores in Ukraine! It isn’t only your cameras which are under threat. The more sophisticated burglars can hack into the signal and disable your alarm. We have seen this before on the news where burglars have used a signal booster to unlock a Mercedes from outside the front door and drive it away. GuardHome systems use end-to-end military grade encryption ensuring your home alarm system will never be hacked.

3. Power Outage
All GuardHome systems are fitted with a backup battery designed to last at least 12 hours. It has been reported these batteries have actually lasted up to a week. Many cheap or DIY systems do not contain this very important feature. Power-cuts therefore can completely disable your ‘cheap as chips’ alarm system and leave your property extremely vulnerable.

4. False Alarms
More of an annoyance than a risk? Possibly… although if you get into the habit of ignoring false ones… there’s no telling when there may be a real one. No system will ever be completely immune from false alarms. If you are with GuardHome, however, and have a maintenance contract… we will be able to tell you what is causing the false alarm and stop them from reoccurring.

5. Malfunction
Alarm systems need proper care and maintenance. We have come across clients who have had systems (before they were GuardHome clients) who have completely malfunctioned through lack of attention. Security systems are like plants that need watering. If you forget about them they will forget about you.

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