Four Ways to Deter Burglars (That You May Not Have Thought Of)

Four Ways to Deter Burglars (That You May Not Have Thought Of)

None of these include an alarm, CCTV or dummy bell boxes as they are the most obvious deterrents. Instead this list focuses on simple ‘old-school’ deterrents outside your property that can make it that bit more unlikely of your home being targeted.

1) Security Lights
Other than loud noises – what to burglars fear most? Light of course. While day-time burglaries are on the rise it’s needless to say the early hours of the morning are still a very popular time for thieves to conduct their mischief at your expense. A bright security light bearing down on a burglar and perhaps alerting yourself or others of their presence is often enough for them to move on and target another house instead.

2) Wheelie Bins
Where are they located? Wheelie bins and the like can be used as a step ladder to squeeze into an open window during those summer months. If possible try to leave them in places they can’t be used to a burglar’s advantage.

3) Spiky Bushes
Make it as hard for them as possible. Sadly, burglars have a lot of options. It doesn’t take much to scare them away when adrenaline is high. If they’re trying to squeeze through a small gap or into a window and they get sharply prodded by your spiky friend then they may well move on to somewhere else.

4) Shingle Path
Have you ever noticed how things make so much more noise at night? Having shingle in your front garden/driveway may even wake you up at night if someone is walking over it.

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