What is a Safe Area?

What is a Safe Area?

People sometimes say that they live in a “safe area” so security isn’t an issue, but this just doesn’t hold true in reality.

Here are two examples…

1. In a very respectable area of town a teenager started taking drugs and it soon got out of hand. In order to get money to fund his habit he took to stealing from the neighbours.
First it was easy picking – taking small things from gardens and selling them. Before long he stole a bicycle from a back garden and he was spotted on a neighbour’s security CCTV.
People said things like “It hasn’t happened around here before.” and “He used to be such a nice lad, I would never have expected it.”

2. This is odd but true. A couple returning from holiday pulled into their driveway in an isolated small village a few miles from the nearest town and off a small country lane.
Before unloading their car they went indoors to have a cup of tea after their long journey. When they went outside again to unload their car it was gone along with all their luggage.
It has never been seen or heard of since and nobody remembered seeing anyone suspicious on the day.

Fitting alarms and CCTV act as a deterrent but it’s also sensible to assume that thieves are everywhere and observe basic security precautions at all times.

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