The Value Of First Class Security

The Value Of First Class Security

We strongly believe in the deterrent value of the security systems that we install. This is borne out by the statistics that I have compiled over the sixteen plus years that we have been protecting our clients. This amounts to millions of accumulated hours that have kept our clients safe from intruders. Compared against national averages, our clients enjoy a level of protection that is inordinately better than the expected values and I would suggest better than any other systems out there. (Wouldn’t it be a good idea if security companies produced hard data about their achieved levels of protection so that consumers had a basis on which to make valued comparisons)

However, every now and again, we receive a report from a client about an attempted burglary. Almost without exception, these come from our commercial clients, whose properties are located on industrial estates and are unoccupied overnight.

I had one last week, and this is where the true value of a well installed and maintained system pays a dividend. The alarm worked perfectly and because our system designs are also well thought out, it stopped the burglary in its tracks. They smashed a window so the internal sensors, rather than the perimeter sensor, triggered. The would be thieves scarpered without taking a single item.

I tell my clients if their security system is never triggered as a result of a burglary attempt, then their investment in a GuardHome system has been worthwhile. Relying on the deterrent value alone though is a false sense of security. The system must be maintained by us, used by the client and work properly to complete the full level of protection.

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