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More examples of modern HD CCTV

If you liked our previous YouTube demonstrations then you might like to view these. HD (Hi Definition) PTZ (PanTilt Zoom) CCTV Tracking HD (Hi Definition) PTZ (PanTilt Zoom) CCTV – Zoom & Pre-set HD (Hi Definition) PTZ (PanTilt Zoom) CCTV Night Tracking

We live in the real world – and deliver real world CCTV systems

As a lover of science fiction, I like nothing more to imagine that I could travel round the universe visiting strange new worlds, seeking out new civilisations etc etc. But I know it is only an artificial image created by clever special effects and computer graphics and will never be a reality for quite some… Continue reading We live in the real world – and deliver real world CCTV systems

Are The Days Of The Dummy Deterrent Numbered?

I ask this question because unusually I have seen three of my local clients (this includes myself) targetted by thieves, since the start of this year. In each of these cases the thieves left empty handed because the security system that we installed was fully operational. So as soon as the burglars attempted to enter… Continue reading Are The Days Of The Dummy Deterrent Numbered?

#GuardHomeVanSafe- Thieves Thwarted

It isn’t just our clients that we protect with our systems. Attempted Break-In This morning at around 4am my house alarm went off. It was because this chap and his mate attempted to break into my van. They were foiled because we fit our house alarm sensors in our vans to protect the contents and… Continue reading #GuardHomeVanSafe- Thieves Thwarted

CCTV Has Other Benefits

CCTV’s primary role is for recording criminal activities. We recently supplied the local police with video evidence of criminals making their escape after a burglary near to our offices. However there is no reason why it can’t be used for other useful activities, as this time lapse video of the removal of a tree from… Continue reading CCTV Has Other Benefits

GuardHomeSafe Reaches New Heights In Customer Care

When I created the term GuardHomeSafe it was intended to be a hash tag expression that I would use on Twitter to help promote what in essence GuardHome is all about, and that is delivering peace of mind to our clients. Of course this was mainly from a perspective of how we apply attention to detail… Continue reading GuardHomeSafe Reaches New Heights In Customer Care

Positioning Cameras

The physical positioning of cameras is a key aspect of good CCTV system design. All to often I see cameras positioned above doors looking straight down? All these are good for is to check for hair loss. Often these are positioned for ease of installation, rather than to achieve a specific objective. If you are… Continue reading Positioning Cameras

CCTV Coverage

When we are commissioned to install CCTV for a client we sit down with the client and discuss what they are looking for in terms of the coverage and detail that they expect from the CCTV system that we will install for them. This is a very important aspect of CCTV design and provides us… Continue reading CCTV Coverage

February 2015 Review

Well that was the shortest month gone in the blink of an eye, and I am glad to report that Darren is rapidly becoming a valuable member of the GuardHome team. Since joining at the start of the year he is quickly learning all about our products and more importantly he is demonstrating that he… Continue reading February 2015 Review

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