The Gift of Time – Dealing With Important

The Gift of Time – Dealing With Important

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There are times when you run your own business that the days and weeks seem to pass with such speed that you barely have time to draw breath. I used to say that I was so busy dealing with the urgent, that the important never had much of a chance.
Well I am glad to say that the has been one of those weeks where the phone isn’t ringing incessantly, or I am being inundated with emails that require my undivided attention. So having been given the gift of time, I have decided that we should concentrate on some other important matters that I have been meaning to attend too for several weeks.
Darren and I have been upgrading our own CCTV systems to Hi Definition 1080P standard. I prefer to use HD-SDI, rather the IP cameras as they provide me with the same high quality images but without the problems associated with using networked cameras. I have written about what these are recently, so I will not go into details again here. Of course a further benefit of doing this is giving Darren more experience in the installation of CCTV systems. I hope to be publishing the results of our labours very soon on the website and possibly proving a live video feed as well.

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