Amateur Alarm Installers Are Leaving Users Vulnerable To Crime

Amateur Alarm Installers Are Leaving Users Vulnerable To Crime

In the last couple of weeks, we have been invited to look at a couple of security systems installed by other companies. What we have seen, if you pardon the pun, is alarming.

Modern professional alarm panels are very sophisticated with over 500 installer settings, (the same cannot be said for DIY systems as these are made far more basic and much less versatile to satisfy the DIY market). Many of these settings, if not correctly adjusted can render the system unreliable with constant triggering, or worse still the unscrupulous installer might reduce its effectiveness to almost zero by not setting the system up properly.

When we are invited to take a look at another companies installation one of the first things we ask for is a design specification, as this should fully document what the system is designed to do and how it achieves this objective. The absence of a design specification is indication enough that the system has been installed by amateurs.

Examination of the physical installation usually confirms this view with control panels plugged straight into a mains socket or in one case that we saw recently, hard wired straight into the consumer unit. Positioning of motion detector sensors is also critical to the correct operation of a system and must be located and positioned with extreme care to prevent false alarms.

The worst case that we have seen is one system where the sensors were not even enrolled onto the system, so the alarm would never have worked in the event of a break in.

All GuardHome alarms come complete with a detailed (typed) design specification and a certificate of conformance to UK standards. We pre-configure and soak test all units prior to installation and every single residential alarm comes complete with a 3 year warranty free of charge.

You could try your luck with an amateur installer, but if you take your security seriously, then choose a company who is serious about security, choose GuardHome and join the ranks of our clients who feel GuardHomeSafe.

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