Foiling The Van Thieves

Foiling The Van Thieves

In recent months there have been thieves who specialise in stealing power tools from vans parked outside of the owners homes. They drive around at the dead of night selecting vehicles to target. They have a master key that allows them to unlock the van and turn off the van alarms. Even CCTV does not appear to deter them!

Since this started we decided that we needed to use our alarm expertise to help prevent falling victim to these thieves. So we have equipped our company vehicles with sensors and sirens from our domestic alarm products. Of course these are fully certified systems that are beyond the technical capabilities of most house burglars, so they are very secure. As we arrive on our drive, the sensors are automatically detected by the home alarm and when this is armed the sensors form part of the protected area. If a burglar opens a door, the sensors will trigger, firing off the main alarm and its sirens. The amount of noise that this generates will wake up even the heaviest of sleepers. Of course all of our alarms are also connected to telephone lines so you even get a phone call.

I was reasonably confident that this technique would work and last night 25th September 2015, someone tried to break into Darren’s van at about 13:30. It certainly worked and had the desired effect, they didn’t hang about, but neither did they get our tools. I don’t think that they will be taking on a GuardHome van again.

There is no reason why this system couldn’t be adapted to protect a large number of vans.

Foiling Van Thieves

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