Why Accreditation Is Important

Why Accreditation Is Important

A couple of weeks ago we completed our periodic assessment by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) .

Most members of the public have probably never heard of them, but this organisation are the security industry’s equivalent of what is now called “Gas Safe”  formerly “Corgi”  and their role is too ensure that people who purchase security systems from NSI registered companies are buying security that is of the highest standard.

This is achieved in a number of different ways.

  1. Only fully certified products that meet European Standard EN50131 can be used
  2. The quality of the installation must also comply with the requirements of the same standard
  3. All staff must be security vetted to BS 7858
  4. The company has in place all of the proper procedures to be professionally run
  5. The company is financially viable and have suitably trained staff to be able to deliver against its obligations
  6. The company has full insurance cover against a variety of risk factors……etc etc.

When they visit a registered company, such as ours, one of their highly trained inspectors spends a full day checking over our office documentation and also visiting a number of our recent installations to test our compliance. If there are minor deficiencies, they will be found and observation reports are generated to document the failure to comply. The company then usually has 21 days to respond to the observation report with details of what corrective action was put in place to a) remedy the deficiency and b) prevent it from happening again. For more serious deficiencies the inspector has the authority to withdraw the NSI approval.

I am delighted to say that in over 11 years of membership of the NSI there have been very few observations raised against us and those that were have been trivial, such as an error in our documentation that needed correcting. More often than not we are congratulated on achieving the very highest of standards in all respects.

We are in the business of protecting people, their families, their homes and business premises against burglary and other threats that could cause loss of life, and this is not simply a job, it is a position of trust. We feel very privelaged to be given this trust so it is important to us that we maintain the very highest standard, and this is why NSI accreditation is important to us, and it should be important to you too.

Security is unregulated as an industry, there is no obligation for a security company to gain accreditation, in fact even a criminal could set up a security company Membership of the NSI is entirely voluntary and it is not cheap to join and maintain our membership, but it gives you, the buying public the re-assurance that you are dealing with a professional company who can be trusted to help you protect the most valuable asset that you own and more importantly peace of mind.

If you would like to read more about the NSI, please follow this link to their website NSI you can even look us up on their list of  registered companies NSI Approved Companies

GuardHome is also registered and approved by Trading Standards as a member of their “Buy With Confidence” scheme. BWC website

We are proud to display these badges of trust on our website.

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