The Two Sides Of Being Human

The Two Sides Of Being Human

It is difficult for me to describe my contrasting feelings resulting from two events last night.

Firstly there was Children In Need, where once again the citizens of the U.K. and elsewhere no doubt, contributed and raised vast sums of money in response to this annual good causes event.

Then we hear about the atrocities in Paris, where a few inhumane individuals feel they are justified to murder other living souls who are going about their daily lives, enjoying that joie de vivre that comes with a Friday night.

All the good, done by the many, wiped out by the actions of a few!

I was asked by one of my longstanding clients if I still enjoy my work. A big smile spread across my face as I replied yes.

We are genuinely proud of the work that we do to help individuals feel safer in their homes or place of work. But sometimes it all seems so futile against a backdrop of the events in Paris.

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