GuardHomeSafe Is Our Watchword

GuardHomeSafe Is Our Watchword

We are a business, so making money is fundamental to our existence. However we are also a company that operates high moral standards and we recognise that there are times when profit is of secondary importance.

Today for example we were talking to one of our clients who commissioned us to provide her CCTV surveillance system, due to her being continually harassed and persecuted by a former partner.

Despite frequent incidents caught on her cameras, this miscreant continues to bother our client. Due to the inability of the legal system to prevent this happening, she is always nervous of any areas of vulnerability that is not adequately covered.

In the interests of providing our client with enhanced coverage of her home, and additional peace of mind, we have agreed to add a further camera to her system for free.

Caring isn’t a word that is often used in today’s profit orientated world, but we genuinely care about our clients wellbeing and peace of mind. We call it being GuardHomeSafe!

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