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We live in the real world – and deliver real world CCTV systems

As a lover of science fiction, I like nothing more to imagine that I could travel round the universe visiting strange new worlds, seeking out new civilisations etc etc. But I know it is only an artificial image created by clever special effects and computer graphics and will never be a reality for quite some… Continue reading We live in the real world – and deliver real world CCTV systems

GuardHomeSafe Is Our Watchword

We are a business, so making money is fundamental to our existence. However we are also a company that operates high moral standards and we recognise that there are times when profit is of secondary importance. Today for example we were talking to one of our clients who commissioned us to provide her CCTV surveillance… Continue reading GuardHomeSafe Is Our Watchword

Positioning Cameras

The physical positioning of cameras is a key aspect of good CCTV system design. All to often I see cameras positioned above doors looking straight down? All these are good for is to check for hair loss. Often these are positioned for ease of installation, rather than to achieve a specific objective. If you are… Continue reading Positioning Cameras

February 2015 Review

Well that was the shortest month gone in the blink of an eye, and I am glad to report that Darren is rapidly becoming a valuable member of the GuardHome team. Since joining at the start of the year he is quickly learning all about our products and more importantly he is demonstrating that he… Continue reading February 2015 Review

A Quiet Day in Sentinel House – but not wasted!

It was a bit quiet in the office today so I decided to get acquainted with a new Hi-Definition 1080p Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera that I bought recently. My word it is good, Hi-Def on steroids. As well as fast rotation speeds, it has infra-red so even in these days of councils turning off… Continue reading A Quiet Day in Sentinel House – but not wasted!

CCTV – Part 3 Low light level cameras

In part one of this short series, we explored the workings of infra-red cameras and in the second part we looked at infra-red illuminators. In this final part we shall discuss low light level cameras. Modern cameras can provide perfectly good colour images in extremely low light levels. How often has a game of cricket… Continue reading CCTV – Part 3 Low light level cameras

CCTV – Let there be light – Part 1 Infra-red

Like the human eye, a camera cannot capture images without light. When it comes to CCTV cameras, with moving images, the quality of the camera and the type of light will determine how good those images are. A cheaper camera may have several compromises, for instance the lens and the charge couple device (ccd –… Continue reading CCTV – Let there be light – Part 1 Infra-red

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