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Are The Days Of The Dummy Deterrent Numbered?

I ask this question because unusually I have seen three of my local clients (this includes myself) targetted by thieves, since the start of this year. In each of these cases the thieves left empty handed because the security system that we installed was fully operational. So as soon as the burglars attempted to enter… Continue reading Are The Days Of The Dummy Deterrent Numbered?

#GuardHomeVanSafe- Thieves Thwarted

It isn’t just our clients that we protect with our systems. Attempted Break-In This morning at around 4am my house alarm went off. It was because this chap and his mate attempted to break into my van. They were foiled because we fit our house alarm sensors in our vans to protect the contents and… Continue reading #GuardHomeVanSafe- Thieves Thwarted

Foiling The Van Thieves

In recent months there have been thieves who specialise in stealing power tools from vans parked outside of the owners homes. They drive around at the dead of night selecting vehicles to target. They have a master key that allows them to unlock the van and turn off the van alarms. Even CCTV does not… Continue reading Foiling The Van Thieves

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